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Work of the Institute

Work of the Institute

In this teachers teaching teachers model, master teachers from public schools are invited to attend a five-week Invitational Summer Institute at local university sites to prepare to lead professional development in-services for their colleagues. During the school year, districts collaborate with Institute sites to design programs tailored to district needs.

The Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute and the Mississippi Department of Education have collaborated to design a series of workshops to introduce Mississippi's classroom teachers to the new Common Core State Standards that have recently been adopted by the state. In previous years, MWTI was selected by the Mississippi Department of Education to work the a national testing company to design the Mississippi Writing Test and train national scorers to evaluate the writing of Mississippi students in grades 4, 7 and 10.

MWTI often collaborates with school districts to create and deliver training for Mississippi teachers to create and deliver training for Mississippi teachers and administrators on a variety of topics, inclusive of preparation for the various mandatory assessments faced by our State's students.

On the national level, representatives of the Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute have worked with the National Writing Project to secure funding a the national legislature, to conduct research projects that prove the effectiveness of the programs used with training students to be better readers and writers, and to work on committees for various purposes.